Huff Media Solutions draws upon more than 30 years of telling stories in a variety of mediums, from mainstream radio and television, to video production, photography and graphic.

Sherry Huff

Sherry has a crazy addiction to stories. She loves sitting and listening to them, writing about them, and sharing them with anyone who will listen. Over the years, she’s managed to make a few stories of her own after working most of her life for Canada’s public broadcaster in the far north. She’s come face to face with a grizzly, camped on Tombstone Mountain at 40 below, been covered in thousands of leeches, produced a Guinness world record radio show, and knows the value of a bottle of HP sauce in a whaling camp! (Who doesn’t?) But the time came in 2009 to trade her headphones for a straw hat and head back home to southwestern Ontario where she built a straw bale home with her husband Greg and their son Myles with nothing more than a how-to video and some books from the library to guide them. In their endless spare time, Sherry and Greg launched Huff Media Solutions, just because she can’t leave stories alone. Sherry has a problem, which only your story can help cure.

Greg Lynch

Greg provides the ‘Solutions’ element to Huff Media because of his ability to design, build and Macgyver just about anything. His passion for figuring out what makes things tick borders on obsession, spending nearly every spare moment taking tutorials on the latest web technology, reading how-to manuals and learning sailing techniques. It’s given him the ability to try just about anything. Good thing too, as his life experiences have been anything but conventional, considering he’s been a ‘Bay boy’ on Holman Island, an ice road trucker, a commercial photographer and head of a newspaper ad-department. He’s the perfect partner for Sherry, as all the skills he’s collected over the years have been put to good use, ever since she talked him into building a straw-bale home and starting a creative agency all within the same year!